Single click only to open folder

Hello everybody,
while using elementaryOS files as file browser for a while i got pretty used to open folders with a single click and files with a double click.
It has been massively discussed in the elementary community in the past - i know.

In the end i think they figured out the best user experience by the feature folder opening with single click and file opening with double click.

I realized the single click feature in nautilus. Though it can only by activated for opening any item (folders and files)

I would like to suggest the feature to set the option for both independently. Ideally, when the single click feature is activated i can make a choice (folders and files, folders only)

Files only option should not be given as most of the times you accidentally open files where you never want to.

What do you think an is this the right place to make this feature request?
Best then

Hi tehn, you came to the right place to discuss this feature :slight_smile:

While not oficially documented anywhere (AFAIK), from my undestanding Files has the goal to make everything accessible by single click and doing away with double click completely. This requires many changes to eventually be reached and will take some time.

I don’t think an in-between solution is currently desired, especially since folders are (still) treated like any other file and not styled different visually.

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