Signal-ftp-sync removed on

Hello, I always used signal-ftp-sync to update when added a mac or windows binary, as explained on Uploading binaries:

Now the command does not exists. Any help?

I’ve removed that line from the wiki page. There’s no replacement for it: just got to wait for mirrors to sync.

But 5h passed and is not updated.

I’m sure there’s something missing.


There’s no replacement for signal-ftp-sync, that script was used ages ago to sync, formerly known as, whenever a new tarball/binary was uploaded to These days (and since we moved to have multiple mirrors thanks to mirrorbrain/mirrorbits) each individual mirror has its own sync schedule, there’s no other way around than waiting for a specific mirror to synchronize.

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and (changing “mac” for “win32”)

You can find Chronojump-2.3.0.dmg and Chronojump-2.3.0.exe

BUT on
and (changing “mac” for “win32”)

you cannot find them, BUT watching their parent directories chronojump folders got updated yesterday:

So download DOT gnome DOT org SLASH binaries is updating weirdly.

Should be fixed by now, please let me know if it’s re-happening, thanks!

Hello Andrea, I uploaded two files:


3,5 hours ago and they do not appear on download DOT gnome DOT org SLASH binaries

For some reason all the files you mv from your home directory to the relevant /ftp path get the wrong SELinux label, that doesn’t happen for my non-privileged user and I’m figuring out why, how do you upload these files? direct scp to the relevant path or scp to home then cp/mv?

I scp to home path and then I mv

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So the culprit actually is mv always maintains the SELinux context of a specific file whereas cp does not, please also see [1] in this regard. ftpadmin handles this correctly but when you manually copy files over you need to remember you should use cp rather than mv. I fixed the existing files for you for now.

[1] SELinux/mvcpinstall - Fedora Project Wiki

Ok, thank you very much and sorry for the inconvenience, I take note for future uploads.

Hi Andrea, I just uploaded a new version and it appeared on instantly!

Thanks a lot!

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