Showing support to Medialab Prado (Madrid)


In the past, we have held multiple hackfests in Medialab Prado at Madrid. Recently, they woke to the news that there are political plans to have them relocated in order to turn the venue into an art gallery:

This relocation, even if fully accomplished, will seriously reduce their independence and capability of decision, effectively killing the project.

I think it would be great to show them some international support, I at least remember some of the hackfest attendants were fond of the place :slight_smile: .

Individuals may show support by signing their manifesto (, but I also wonder if there could be some support statement from the Foundation.



Hi Carlos, can you elaborate on what “political plans” means? As a nonprofit organization the GNOME Foundation is not allowed to participate in politics or political campaigns, so if this has to do with politics then there probably cannot be a statement of support from the Foundation.

Hi Philip!,

Condensing a bit, it is a citizen-operated cultural space opened by the Madrid city council in year 2000, operating in the current premises since 2007 in city council provided grounds.

Condensing the piece of news (machine translated here), the city council giveth, the city council taketh away. This manifesto is coming from the volunteers that de facto run the place.

Taking the “piece of free culture disappearing” bit out of the equation, you can see this as an internal affair of Madrid city council, thus highly political. I understand if the Foundation does not want to officially meddle, I think unofficial diffusion is still appreciated :slight_smile:

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