Should I use GTK+ 3 or GTK 3?

Quick question; should I use GTK 3 or GTK+ 3 to refer to the toolkit?

I’m not sure if the + was dropped only from version 4 or also from version 3.

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Gtk 3. That’s how it has been referred by devs here. The “+” doesn’t make any sense. And GTK is the trademark, use that for official purposes.

You mostly need not mention “3”, unless and until you want to avoid ambiguity, like if Gtk 4 is latest version and you want to talk about Gtk 3. So use “Gtk”, easy as that :slight_smile:


You should refer it as GTK in general, and GTK 3 only if something applies to the 3.0 API series.

We didn’t go through all the documentation to remove the “+”, though it would be a good first contribution :wink:. There are some places where the “+” is part of the stability contract, like the pkg-config file name, so we cannot change it without breaking existing users.


Just because “GTK” is not considered an acronym any more it doesn’t mean you can use “Gtk”, just like you should not use “Gnome” to refer to GNOME.

“GTK” is the trademark, not “Gtk” or “gtk”.

Of course, we don’t go policing that stuff for every day’s usage, but if you’re referring to GTK in a professional or official setting (like documentation for your project) then you should use “GTK”.


Ooh didn’t knew that, let me edit that post.

Can you give me a short guide on how the docs on works? Where is the English version of the docs’ source code available? I checked this but I I’m confused where English translation lies, and the pages inside the C folder have text different from those in the website.

Which documents are you specifically referring to? The website is made of multiple sources.

I’m sorry, I clicked on the commit message instead of the folder name;

(I clicked on platform-overview... instead of C). So issue solved.
Don’t know what’s happening with me now a days, life is becoming a hell… sorry though for disturbing you. Thanks.

I changed all the “GTK+” to “GTK” and removed extra spaces for all .page in platform-overview folder. The merge request is here, my second contribution to GNOME Docs. :smile:


Thanks for all the info, and thanks for updating the docs @j_arun_mani!

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