Should add scrolled window to background to keep style and background in same frame

Hi, I frequently change my wallpaper to new one. In setting->appearance there is option to add wallpaper, so on adding more and more wallpaper it create appearance window scrollable .
suppose i choose multiple wallpaper one by one to apply , to see difference between light and dark mode in style pannel i have to scroll back to top frequently.



I think this is not necessary but it will improve user experience.

So your request is to sort the newest added wallpapers first in the list?

Alternatively we could have the preview overlaid on top of the rest of the panel, but that looks like a weird experience to be honest.

No , my request is to make red box in below image scrollable when images number cross 5th row . So that preview panel and and background panel remain in same panel.

currently when i scroll down to select an image, preview panel goes up and get hide. as you can see in below image.

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