Shotwell: Finding photo by filename?

I somehow lost a photo, and am trying to find it in Shotwell (0.28.4). I can see the photo in the correct file folder in a file listing. I must have accidentally dragged it into another folder, or hit ‘Delete.’ I can’t find it in the trash, and can’t search by the file name. Any ideas on how to find it?

Thanks for your advice.


Just to check if I understood it correctly: The photo is still there on your harddrive, but missing in Shotwell?

Yes, that’s correct. It’s in ~/Pictures/2021/08/21/, with all the other photos that I can see. Same permissions, too.


Any thoughts?


Sorry, lost track. You should be able to search for (parts of the) filename in the search bar (F8). If it does not show then, shotwell lost it from its database, apparently.

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