Search via IMAP

It looks like Search looks at cached messages (ie, already fetched from the IMAP server). If someone has 10,000 messages on the server, then only the most recent ones (which have been fetched) will be searched, is that right?

Is there a way to have Geary do an IMAP search?

Also, Geary Help (v40) says I can use from:sender, subject:text etc. in searches. But it doesn’t seem to work as expected. For example, when I press Ctrl-S and enter subject:for, it finds “for” even it’s not in a subject. Am I entering the wrong thing?

Using Geary v40.0.


Currently there’s no way to do retrieve search results from the serve. See issue 214.

The workaround to be able to search in all your messages in Geary is changing the Download mail period to Everything in the Account settings.

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