Screenshots - Any way to adjust how it works slightly?

I love Gnome’s screenshot feature (having system audio included in screencasts would be a big bonus though!).

I take a LOT of screenshots, it’s great for designwork and saving iterations of ideas etc, I can take 50-100 in a few hours of work.

But when I hit my preferred key combo to bring up the dialogue, the one where you can draw a box around the area you want to snap, it always brings up a memorised box of the last one I took. I understand that could be useful in many cases, but it isn’t for me, it’s actually a bit of a pain. I’d rather there was no pre-drawn area at all, just greyed out screen ready for me to draw the white box exactly where I want it.

Is there a way to make this happen somehow?


Not quite what you are asking for, but if you hold the Ctrl key, you can start a new selection (including in areas that overlap the remembered one).

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Thanks yes I can do that without CTRL, it’s just the remembered previous selected area that’s kind of annoying/gets in the way!
Thanks though, i will have to make that work

I can do that without CTRL

Without CTRL, clicks inside the selected area will move the selection. With CTRL pressed, any click will start a new selection, regardless of where it occurs.

aaaah. It’s not who you know, it’s what you know :smiley: