Screen Shield Inconsistent Behavior

I was able to remove the clock from the screen shield by updating the theme to use a font size of zero, but the screen shield when there are no users logged in still has the clock overlay. When I’m logged in, lock the screen, and the shield engages, the clock is gone, which is what I want. Is the screen shield from gdm without a user logged in being generated from a different theme? Our environment uses the shield to display an informative graphic for our users, and it needs to be centered. Moving or removing the clock would be perfect, but it seems the shield with no users logged in is uneditable, or it’s reading a different theme.

Gdm Version = 3.28.2, updating is near impossible at this time, hoping this is just me not finding the right file or field.

changes I made:

update file: theme/gnome-classic.css

.screen-shield-clock-time font-size: 0pt;

.screen-shield-clock-date font-size: 0pt;

Changing the .screen-shield-clock doesn’t seem to apply changes…

I put this as an issue in the gnome gitlab and was directed here for advice as an alternative. Since an updated version isn’t really an option, I’m hoping y’all can help.

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Hi @snowbird294 :wave: ,

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There’s some :smile: news and :slightly_frowning_face: ,
The bad is that unfortunately your running an old version of GDM which is no longer supported, the good is that there has been some work done lately at GNOME on providing a solution for your particular edge case.

Up until about 6 months ago it was not possible to run arbitrary extensions on the login screen, this changed with MR !1967.

The great news is that the documentation for extension session modes using gjs should follow. There is also an example HUD linked in the merge request referenced above that you can look into for inspiration.

I’m not a GNOME-Shell developer so maybe I have misunderstood and @fmuellner could give better advice here but setting font-size to 0 doesn’t seem like the best way to go about removing the clock.

Hopefully someone can provide more clarity here but if your in a pinch and need answers quicker I would recommend joining the #gnome-shell or #extensions matrix channels.

Hope that your issue gets resolved, thanks :smiley:

I just thought it was weird that the shell without a user logged in behaved differently from when a user was logged in. I absolutely acknowledge the clock font = zero as a bizarre hack. There are some old threads in the fedora and ubuntu threads that pointed me to the clock font hack. Do you know if the shield has two “versions” or “states” that depend on the user status?

GDM uses the regular style, not the one from the classic session.

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