Scam detection for Evolution?


Is there something for Evolution like the scam detection that thunderbird has?

Hi, “Links where the text doesn’t match the server name” makes sense to me (and I vaguely remember a feature request about that). The rest does not (when did “numerical server names” become a bad thing?), so I guess the answer to the question is “Not really”.

It’s a handy thing in Geary :slightly_smiling_face:

Personally, I don’t see why links with an IP address should be in emails, except maybe if the emails are local or work-related (request to test a website that has no name? [ located on a remote work server]). It’s suspicious because the numbers don’t say anything.

Also, I saw a brief news report about spam and scam and even some addresses may appear to be real addresses. I think it was something like “bank[.]verify[.]com” whereas the correct address is “verify[.]bank[.]com” or “bank[.]com/verify”. It’s based on the domain name. “The expert” said that users should pay attention to it, but I doubt most people who fall into the trap think of it, otherwise it wouldn’t be a trap.

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