Say "Hello" thread

Hello everyone!

I’m Ujjwal Kumar, currently in my pre-final year of BTech in Computer Engineering and I’m from India.
Under the GSoC 2020 programme, this summer I’ll be contributing to libhandy’s codebase maintained by Adrien Plazas, who will also be mentoring me.

I’m a Linux user for about 2.5 years. Love Ubuntu with GNOME (reason being simplicity). Linux is the only OS on my laptop. (I don’t change the default wallpaper whether it is a mobile phone or computer.)

Completely new to Open Source contributions (glad I started my Open Source journey with this great community).

Excited to contribute more to projects used by so many people!!


Hello o/, everyone! I’m Neville Antony. I’m 21 years old and currently a B.Tech Computer Science undergraduate. I’ve been using Linux since 2013. I’ve used XFCE on various distros for the first few years, but now I’m using GNOME on Arch. I have always wanted to be a part of the open source community, and here I am finally!

My first ever GNOME contribution was to GNOME Games. I’ll be working with Alexander Mikhaylenko on GNOME Games this summer as part of GSoC 2020.

The GNOME community is very kind and welcoming, and I’m excited to be a part of it! : )


Hello everybody! I’m Arnaud B., 32 years old, a Linux and (most of the time) GNOME user since 2004. I studied architecture, but finished by working in the digital world (Web development, between others). I’m interested in free software, privacy, and various related topics. You can see me every year at the Capitole du Libre in Toulouse, France; and sometimes, elsewhere.

I’m for some years the maintainer of various GNOME-centered applications, notably various games (Taquin, Reversi, Tetravex, 2048…) but also Dconf Editor. It’s taking me an important part of my hobby time, but I keep on finding this stuff fun, so I’ll happily continue in the future. :wink:


Hello everyone,

I’m a regular Linux user for the past ten years. I love FOSS projects and I fell in love with Linux the first time I heard about it.

GNOME is the first DE I used way back then and I’m really happy with the current progress of version 3.36. There is a bright future for the best DE out there - GNOME!

I’m looking forward for the future and I’ll contribute as much as I can :wink:


Hello everyone! I’m Alejandro Domínguez, currently studying Computer Engineering.

This summer I will be working on the Fractal codebase as a GSoC intern, mentored by Daniel García, its creator. This is not my first contribution to the FLOSS community (not even Fractal itself), but by far the most thorough of all.

As a user I have been using Linux in one way or another since ever but it is just 4 years ago since I sticked to it as my main OS. After some distro-hopping I settled on Fedora and GNOME.

To the rest of GSoC participants, I hope we all have a nice internship.


Hi GNOME Community!!

I’m Jose Lorenzo (25 y/o) and I’m doing my PhD in Compute Science and Business Administration fields. I was selected as GSoC Student this year working on Battery Bench project ( We are going to port it to Wayland - it our main task, with the help of my mentor @gicmo.

I have been working with Linux since 2013 and I also participate as GNOME student in 2017 in wxWidgets.

I hope we all have a good time in GNOME!!


Hi all, I’m André Ockers, using GNOME on Trisquel.
I’m fluent in Dutch, English, German and basic French.

As I’m active at the Free Software Foundation Europe, you can also find me at the Discourse community there.



I am Swiss software developer fallen in love with good code, so I ended up here. Active (as in “with committ access to the source code”) in NetBSD, Freedesktop/ Former OpenBSD developer. Big fan of PostgreSQL. Frequent speaker.

When not coding, doing sports :slight_smile:


Thanks for the thread!
I’m Wisdom and am 29 years. am a mobile engineer with 5+ years experience coding with Android studio, Xcode, Flutter, UIUX Designer and also a technical writer. very happy to be here and i also applied for the Google season of Docs 2020 with GNOME.


Hello I am Jaapsoft. As it is not useful to mention my age because next year that will be not true, I will tell you I was born in the first half of the 20th century. (before public internet and WWW)
Fedora is my fav OS and I like to do some testing there.



I’m Serghei, and I’m 37 years old. I’m a software engineer at airSlate in Ukraine. I live in Kyiv, Ukraine with my family.

I’ve been involved with free software for about 8 years or so. I started with Linux Caldera, then was RedHat. I used sometime Ubuntu, Debian GNU/Linux and was about of 2 years on Arch Linux and Gentoo Linux. Now I’m on Fedora. I’m on Gnome from first days (about of 20 years).

My main focus is building language parsers, working with static and semantic analysis, and research in compiler development: advanced analysis and optimization for high performance computing. Over the years, I have worked to create and improve tools that make life easier for developers and enable them to use their time more effectively.

Find me on GitHub or send me an email to egrep at protonmail dot ch.


Hello everyone!
I’m Veena Nagar, a B.Tech Computer Science undergraduate from India.

This summer I will be working on the project “Make GNOME asynchronous!” as an Outreachy intern, mentored by Philip Chimento @ptomato. I’ve been contributing to GNOME for few months. and using Linux since 2017. Love Ubuntu with GNOME.

It has been a great journey contributing to GNOME and being a part of such an amazing community is a special feeling. Looking forward to many more contributions.



I’m Madds / Madeline Holland and I’m a freshly graduated Media Studies & Japanese Language student from Lawrence Kansas, US.

I’m the second Outreachy intern for this summer, and I’ll be working with @federico on the librsvg project! I started using GNOME and Linux in 2012 and have been using both almost daily since.

I started contributing to GNOME after I found out about Outreachy and it’s been such an enjoyable learning experience so far. I’m super excited to continue learning and meet more people here!


Hello everyone!

I’m Nishal, I’ll be spending the next few weeks working on Implementing active resource management in GNOME as a part of GSoC under @bberg and @fmuellner (my mentors for this project)

I hope to have an amazing time and meet new people along the way!


Hello all,

I’m Arijit, I’ve been selected for the GSoC’21 program with GNOME.For the next few months, I’ll be working on completion of Faces of GNOME project under @cwunder & @Chenriksen.

People/Faces of GNOME will be a website that will showcase past and current
GNOME contributors Translators, Coders, Designers, Conference Speakers, Project
Maintainers, Foundation Staff, GSoC Students, GSoC Mentors etc whosoever is involved with GNOME in any way - also providing them with a personal space.

It is an initiative started to celebrate all kinds of contributions to GNOME! Super excited to be part of GNOME!


Hello everyone!

I am Visvesh.S, I’m 21½ years old and I’ve completed 4 years at IIIT Hyderabad.
I have been selected for the GSoC program this year.
Some details of this project can be found here.
@Cogitri will be my mentor for this project.
This project will mainly be a redesign of the Health application’s UI along with a few feature implementations.

I have learned a lot ever since I first started contributing to GNOME, and I look forward to becoming a member of this community!


Hello everyone! I’m Kai Hiller, a computer science student from Germany.

I joined GNOME to participate in this year’s summer of code. Over the summer I will, with the support of my mentor Julian Sparber, work on Fractal to bring its new foundation up to feature parity with the current application.

It’s already been a pleasure to interact with the very friendly and helpful GNOME community. Thank you for being nice and welcoming persons^^


Hello all,

I’m Dhanuka from Sri Lanka. I’m one of the Google Summer of Code (GSoC 2021) interns. And I’m contributing to the libsecret project with the guidance of my mentors Daiki Ueno (@ueno) and Anderson Sasaki. Thanks for being so welcoming and helpful community! I Look forward to contribute and learn a lot :slight_smile:

The GSoC 2021 coding period begins today. So, Happy coding!



I am Éloi Rivard, living in Bordeaux, France. I am a python developper and a system administrator in a tech cooperative named Yaal. I have been using GNOME since Ubuntu 5.10, when it was the cool kids distro. I have been reading the planet for a decade but I never took time to really contribute, except for a few bug reports and patches here and there. I am an active FOSS contributor on the python side.


Hi, I’m Ignacy, I’m 22 years old and have been using Linux since around 2017. I’ve always liked gnome for its innovative design, and have been making minor contributions over the past few years. Now that I’ve been selected for the GSoC’22 program (Revamp “New Document” submenu in Nautilus) I will have a chance to make a more significant contribution and be a part of an awesome community on a deeper level. I’m currently studying computer science, my other hobbies apart from open source are playing on instruments and watching comedy tv shows.