Rigtht way to add GTesters's options to application's options context?

I have a need to unite command line options of my application and GTester’s options. For example, for " --help" I want to view united list of options of application and GTester. Is there a way to get GTester’s options context for addition it main option context by g_option_context_add_main_entries() function?
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That’s not really how GTest is meant to be used. First of all, GTest does not use GOptionContext, as it is used to test GOptionContext. Additionally, you should have a separate binary for your tests.

What is it that you’re trying to achieve?

Hi Emmanuele,
I wont to have single binary, to encapsulate unit-tests for my application into my

application - as a result I need to have possibility to include the command line options

for application and for unit-tests in a single GOptrionContext.

That’s not supported, and definitely not the recommended way to use the GLib testing API.

Thank you, Emmanuele.

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