Right panel buttons (Reply-Forward-etc...) dont not appear "well"

Hello everyone, it’s my first ever post. Sorry if I make errors or mistakes.

I installed yesterday geary 40.0 on a fedora 34 (flatpak version).

The reply-forward-etc… buttons do not seem to appear normal (big squares instead of “round” nice squares - see my attachment) Is it normal?

Thank you.

Something must be broken with your GTK theme because it works fine with the default Adwaita theme. I’d suggest opening an issue in your theme’s issue tracker. This kind of issue also happens often in other apps too if using third party themes.

mmm, I try with others themes and I always see the “square blocks” instead of buttons. It’s a fresh install of Fedora 34 (yesterday) and I did not do a lot of tweaks. I’m going to try with the live USB of Fedora 64.

I’ve got Fedora 34 with Geary 40.0 from flathub here, and can’t reproduce it with Adwaita theme (default).

Lol it’s crazy, I just did a new installation of Fedora 34 on my new laptop (Thinkpad P14S AMD). All I did is a dnf update and the installation of Geary -> same issue. How can it be possible? :sweat_smile:

Your flat version of geary is directly from Gnome Software (what I did) or via the Flathub website?

well both install the same flatpak so it shouldn’t change anything.

Ok. So I reinstall 3 times fedora 34, only an update and after that an install of Geary, same visual bug… Any idea??? :sleepy:
Can it be my laptop?

This is visilble with Geary from the Fedora RPM repositories AND the Fedora flatpak repository, but not the Flatpak from flathub.org. The FP from Fedora uses a spectail F34 runtime which is - this is pure guesswork - similar to a f34 install and thus shows the same issue

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Yes!!! Fantastic, that’s it, it works! Thank you very much!

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