RhythmBox cbr not working

I’ve been trying for a bit to get the constant bit-rate (CBR) settings to work when importing / transcoding songs from CDs into RhythmBox.

In addition to adjusting settings in the GUI in [menu] > Preferences > Music > Preferred Format + its profile pull-down, I’ve also tried numerous combinations in both /usr/share/rhythmbox/rhythmbox.gep and /usr/share/gstreamer-1.0/presets/GstLameMPEEnc.prs but none seem to create mp3 files at the desired 192K rate, only 32K.

Is anyone else experiencing this?
Linux Mint 20.3 x86_64
RhythmBox 3.4.4
Mate Desktop 1.26.0

Thank you.
~Tom McG

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