Reusing translations from other projects


Is it possible to reuse translations from other projects ?

  1. Assuming that a new translatable string ( e.g. _(“Hello”) ) has been added to a project. Is it possible to use the translations for this string in the PO file of this project if available, else lookup a global table ( 1 per language ), for this translation if match == 100 %. This database can be updated by something like a “mandb” trigger on package installation. There might be technical issues in this, like keeping the global database small and with meaningful entries ( only strings which are general enough, not project specific ).

  2. Same as [1], but if I already know that a particular project has used the string _(“Hello”), and has translations available for it in more languages, how can I import them into the current project’s PO files, without performing the task manually. This is basically [1] at build time ( to avoid [1] at runtime ), which can be a fallback for [2] .

  3. Will [2] be acceptable to translators.

Thats generally left to the translators, and their tools. Tools like poedit can certainly do this.

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No. This is not really possible with gettext, which is the core of the existing localisation infrastructure.

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Ok. Thanks for the info !

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