Resolution of Differences - how about adding differences to both sides?

This meld application is the most incredible file comparison utility ever. However, there is still room for improvements. I’m seeing a scenario in which there is a conflict and my only 2 options are to either 1) move the data on left to the right side or 2) move the data on the right to the left side. So, it’s offering me one choice over another but why not both? Why not sync the different data to both sides without losing anything?

The software assumes that the differences are always the same set of data but it is not the case in the most recent scenario I’ve discovered. I have literally 2 different sets of data in 2 files. I need to keep all data and sync to both sides, not replace it.

Now, obviously, it’s easy enough for me to cut’n’paste the different data to each side since the software doesn’t support keeping both sets of data. But a 1-click fix would be the sweetest improvement.

Okay, I’m done. I think I’ve made the situation clear. If not, please let me know and I will try to give an example or explain it better. But basically, the software is mistakenly matching 2 sets of data that thinks are the same when they are not. Only by matching line numbers is the software doing this, I am assuming.

Can this be done now, if not it needs to be updated in a future software update.

Thank for reading!

*** EDIT ***: Another cool feature I just thought of might to be delete both sides of mismatched data in the files you are comparing. Because that data is no longer needed. Just a thought. Let me know if it’s not a good one.

I may have misunderstood what you’re trying to do, but I think what you’re asking for is mostly addressed by the copy chunk action (in the toolbar, or from the central bar when holding down Ctrl). So you would select the chunk in question and copy it above or below the opposite pane, and then pull the now-insertion chunk across the other way.

The problem with a one-click fix is that if we have different data on both sides, we can’t know what order to merge those two sides, so we need to at least know that.

I understand that some people prefer to have more flexible actions, but adding actions like this needs to be balanced against the complexity of the tool and how often these will get used. I know some other diff tools have presented this as two actions like “Keep A and B”/“Keep B and A”, but I feel like that’s a lot of additional complexity for something that really isn’t used that often.

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