Require help about a memory leak with pygobject

Basically I am stuck on my investigation in which emphasize a memory leak of GDBusMethodInvocation object when going through pygobject.

So I would like to have some help from language binding/pygobject hackers here. I don’t even know if the leak is fixable only in pygobject without changing the way we register callback (annotations) with g_dbus_register_object_*

Thanks in advance for any help you can bring on this.

Is there really nobody which can gave a lead to advance on this, even a little suggestion would do the job but I’m feel pretty alone on this one (here and also on pygobject project), this is a clear memory leak and for my use cases (where I have a bunch of python dbus server) , this is cleary a pain in the ass.
Please, any leads to explore is welcomed.

Have you tried contacting the pygobject maintainer? He may not be reading Discourse, or may be busy.

Nope I didn’t contact him since I post many messages in the above mentioned pygobject issue and never get an answered (I posted my first message 1 month ago). Do you know how I contact him outside of gitlab project ?

He’s lazka on IRC; you can also use the email in the DOAP file.

Thanks I’ll try to get in touch with him on IRC

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