Req2flatpak: a new script for generating flatpak build modules to package python apps using flatpak

Hi, I wanted to let you know about a new script that I wrote. If you are packaging python apps using flatpak, you may find this useful.

req2flatpak converts python requirements.txt to flatpak-builder build modules. the build module, if included in a flatpak-builder build manifest, will install the python packages, thus adding them to the flatpak package.

background and related work: req2flatpak is very similar to the popular flatpak-pip-generator script. Both scripts basically serve the same purpose, and req2flatpak took a lot of inspiration from flatpak-pip-generator. In fact, req2flatpak was created when we discussed feature request #296 in flatpak-pip-generator. A prototype followed from this feature request, and since it was written from scratch, the prototype became this separate project.

my own experience using req2flatpak: I am personally using req2flatpak in favagtk and it works perfectly fine for my purpose. Your mileage may vary, but judging from my experience, you may also like it. I found that req2flatpak runs much faster than flatpak-pip-generator, and since req2flatpak chooses suitable binary wheels (instead of sdists) by default, the flatpak build is faster and easier as well.

hope you like it :-), feedback and contributions welcome. best regards, Johannes


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