Reporting operation progress for a background (windowless) application

I’m looking into developing an application that spends most of its time running in background, i.e. without a visible window. When user initiates an operation from a device connected to their computer it should inform user that the operation has started and show its progress in real time.

What would be the proper way to implement this? Opening a window with a progress bar would be quite disruptive, but I’m struggling to find a different solution (Gio.Notification API does not seem to allow for notifications with a progress bar).

Good question.

I would currently solve it by doing something similar as for a printer device:

  • Show a first notification about the start of the operation.
  • Show a second notification at the end.

And when clicking on a notification, open the application window with the progress bar to have all the details if the user is interested in it.

(By the way, for a printer I would love to have also a progress information inside the notification popup, to know how many pages have been printed so far).

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