Render an EmblemedIcon into a Cairo surface, or a Gdk.Pixbuf

Hi all:

How can I render an emblemedIcon into a cairo surface, or into a Gdk.Pixbuf, to paint it into a drawingArea or similar?

If it is not possible, is it possible to create a transparent button with an icon inside?


A GEmblemedIcon is a GIcon plus a list of GEmblem instances, which are a subclass of GIcon. This means that, to render a GEmblemedIcon you’d use the same code you use for any other GIcon, plus you’ll have to go through every single emblem and decide where to draw it.

GTK has API to do that as part of the GtkIconInfo class; to get a GdkPixbuf out of any GIcon, including emblemed icons, you can use:

And to turn a GdkPixbuf into a cairo_surface_t that you can then use as a source for drawing on a Cairo context, you can use gdk_cairo_surface_create_from_pixbuf().

Alternatively, you can use gtk_icon_info_load_surface() and bypass the GdkPixbuf step entirely.

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