Rename Activites overview button (proposal)

I’d like to propose two changes to the Activities button in the topbar.

The name Activities is too ambiguous. It doesn’t describe what it does, or even what Activities really entails. The second issue is that it doesn’t look actionable, but more like a title.

It’s also a little confusing since we use the overview to launch apps, switch windows/workspaces, etc. None of these things are activities, but intermediate steps to actual activities like writing a document or browsing the web. The issue is that while it’s called “Activities Overview”, the word Overview is not present anywhere.

Changing the text of the button to Overview would solve this. This keeps the name (Activities Overview) while being clearer to the user. The user will expect to get an overview of what he’s doing (windows/apps/desktops). Adding an icon would also make it look more button-like and actionable.

(Sorry if this has been discussed before, I couldn’t find anything here or on the web)
(Also, I suck at icons. I’m sure you guys can figure out something better)


I’m not sure about the icon part. The current “four squares” one in the mockup seems ambiguous (what do the squares represent? windows? the app grid? both?). Currently the Activities button behaves consistently in style with the rest of the buttons on the top bar, which are all also clickable. IMO, it verges a little too much on the side of just having an icon for the sake of having an icon.

I like the idea a lot though! Even if it was not officially implemented, it wouldn’t be hard to write an extension that does this. :slightly_smiling_face:

Now that you mention it, the date behaves like that too. Everything else has a down arrow.
Maybe it would be enough to change the text. Though a good icon (not what I did) could be an improvement.

It’s not that it bothers me, I think it would be clearer for new/casual users.

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