Reminder for projects shipping a Nautilus extension: you must port to GTK4

Nautilus 43 has been ported to GTK4. The port has changed the extensions API.

If your project ships a Nautilus extension then your build will break.

You have two options:

  • port your project to the new Nautilus extension API
  • gate the version requirement with libnautilus-extension < 43

Additionally, make sure to have a build configuration option to disable the Nautilus extension.

If you are building your project using a CI pipeline, you’re likely going to be using the stable version of Nautilus, so breakages will be noticed only when the release team tries to compose the full GNOME build. This will likely result in the release team disabling the Nautilus extension, if possible; if that’s not possible, your project will be skipped, and we are all going to be very sad.


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