Release schedule for GNOME 47 available

Hi developers,

The release schedule for GNOME 47 is now available. Apologies for the delay on this one. The only notable change is 47.1 will be four weeks after 47.0 instead of five weeks. We’ll see how this goes.

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Thanks. So the final release is set for September 18th or 14th? It’s not clear, sorry.

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Hi, it’s September 18. The most important date being missing is an oversight. I’ve reported this issue to add it to the schedule.


The title of the column is literally “tarballs due date”, not “release date”.

The release date is only ever specified for the point-zero release, and it’s on the Wednesday following the due date.

Look closer at the table header :slight_smile:

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My bad. Thanks for the clarification.

I also made a similar conclusion as to what @nestormarius had when reading the release schedule. “Tarballs due date” can easily be confused as the release date, although I do agree it’s current wording is correct, just a bit vague for new contributors, like me, reading the release schedule. Could it be rephrased to avoid confusion in the future? For example, “Tarballs due by”, or “Tarballs deadline?”

I am just so glad that most of the best extensions have now been ported, and that they all should continue to function in future versions of Gnome. I say, bring it on! But please, oh please keep AI out of the OS!! There are a number of AI chat client extensions available, so whoever wants integrated AI can incorporate it using extensions.

@in4matix Please post off-topic comments about random technologies in a separate, new thread. Thanks!

Is there anywhere a list of planned features? I can’t wait to see the next version. Thumbs up and big thanks to all the people, who work to make Gnome better and better with every version.

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