Relation between GIMP and GNOME?

Gtk is there because of GIMP. I agree. Is GIMP under GNOME’s universe or it has a separate foundation and philosophies? If yes, GIMP stands GNU Image Manipulation Tool and reading GNOME Foundation relationship with GNU and the FSF , are we in a good relationship with GNU? It confuses me… Please someone explain whats the issue between GNOME , FSF and GNU as if you are to a beginner. :slightly_smiling_face:


The GNOME Foundation provides the GNU Image Manipulation Program community and developers with services like fiscal sponsorship, technical infrastructure, promotion, and copyright assignment.

The GNU Image Manipulation Program is not a GNU project; it’s just called that way, just like GNOME’s acronym expanded to GNU Network Object Model Environment back in the day, but it was never part of the GNU project per se.

You can read the issue between GNOME and the FSF on the topic you linked; the Foundation has been pretty clear that the statements made over the years by Richard Stallman, while he was president of the Free Software Foundation, were not compatible with the values and goals of the GNOME project; the latest ones, in 2019, which also led to Richard resigning from the position of president of the FSF were merely the last straw.

As for the GNU project: GNOME is not part of GNU, though we focus on the same goal of a free-as-in-software-freedom operating system aimed at all users. GNOME has, and always had, its own infrastructure, rules, and governance, distinct from the GNU project.


At the risk of contradicting @ebassi, from GIMP - Get Involved :

" GIMP is Free Software and a part of the GNU Project."

" GIMP uses git as its revision control system, and the GNOME Foundation hosts all of our code repositories:"

I really don’t think there’s anything more deeply philosophical about the situation than that, though. It’s purely a question of organization / allocation of resources.

I know what the website says, but while it’s correct “in spirit”, it’s technically incorrect de jure.

Projects part of the GNU project have a very specific governance model, which is definitely not followed by the GNU Image Manipulation Program.

Nice. Thanks. Love to be part of GNOME

A good point and thank God, @ebassi’s reply satisfactorily solved the issue.

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