Reducing the size of GTK's color picker

After many more hours of working I’ve encountered yet another issue that I am uncertain how to approach.

I decided to embed a colorchooserwidget in my application, rather than a color button and a dialog.
I really do like doing so, but the problem is that the color picker editor (not the palette, which I don’t need, nor the transparency) is way too big. I understand why and also respectively understand that I cannot obviously force it to be smaller (either via GTK calls or CSS). And I already spent plenty of time writing custom widgets and at that point I really need a quick and simple solution (because I am soon announcing the project globally with a working beta being made for my Patreons, but I am a bit past my schedule). This means I really cannot afford to write a custom color picker or subclass/override on it (as I see it’s not going to be as easy). Maybe later I will, but right now, I am just trying to follow UNIX philosophy (Release soon, release often).

It would have been nice and very powerful if I could choose color picker varients or perhaps an option to make it smaller. How it looks in GIMP is also not bad. I can choose between 16 million of colors but I cannot choose color picker variants or size (by reducing precision hence density)! :grin:

Can anyone offer me some sort of solution as I am in a need of such a smaller color picker? (For some reason I also cannot find user-made custom widgets online)

As you’ve discovered, there’s no api to make the color editor smaller. Nor are there color chooser variants.
If you want to poke at the internals, you can probably figure out a way to force the color plane to be smaller.
But no guarantees that it will not break in the future.

Okay. I’ve written my own color picker that resembles GIMPs.

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