Recommendation to build GNOME from scratch?

Hiya guys,

I have been exploring the internet for a long time, to find a tutorial on how I can build GNOME core from scratch.

What exactly I am looking for, are all dependencies and how I have to build all these in order.

I had a number of tries to build GNOME, almost everything worked fine, but the gnome-shell
was a big issue.

The gnome-shell launcher does not find a single application, but over the gnome-control-center →
all applications are available

There is BuildStream and gnome-build-meta. Normally gnome-build-meta should work fine to test gnome-shell too.

gnome-build-meta isn’t great for building and testing the Shell, unless you are fine with composing a vm image from scratch each time.

You can look at jhbuild for shell development.

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