[QUESTION] Is it possible to assign hot key combination to application menus?

I know there is an ability to set custom keyboard shortcuts to launch the applications.
But it seems non-obvious to find if it is possible to set custom hotkey combinations for the menus within those applications?

For example if i use particular feature in Inkscape,
let’s say, “Clean Edges…” filter, which is available under “Filter” menu, within “Blurs” submenu (Filters > Blurs > Clean Edges…)

can i somehow assign a custom hotkey combination to this particular option in Inkscape’s menu?
can i do this on non-GTK apps?
on Electron apps?


Not sure if it helps.

I was once thinking of working on a libpeas plugin which can map keyboard shortcuts to public annotated D-bus methods, which the application explicitly documents on what they do.

That way all GNOME apps can use the plugin, and customize their shortcut behavior, even if the application doesn’t provide the shortcut you want, or doesn’t provide any shortcut for an action at all.


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