Question: accel attribute usage in ui files


Not too many applications contain <attribute name="accel"> entries.

I found many GTK 4 application work without these entries.

Is there any good to use these entries?

GTK Demos contain accel entries.

I don’t know for sure but it seems like this attribute exists just for convenience.

Unfortunately, in this approach, developers should declare the same shortcut three times and this prone to error.

  • In application
  • In menu
  • In help-overlay.

What? Really?

Obviously, ShortcutsWindow would need a separate description of each shortcut to display it properly but I thought creating shortcuts in either application code or menu UI was enough to use them and display them in the menu.

I only define shortcuts in the application code and there doesn’t seem to be any problem. They work as expected and show up as subtext in the hamburger menu. Although, I use only two shortcuts (Refresh, Quit) both of which are application level (global) shortcuts.

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