Problem with extensions preference in Gnome 40

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with extensions preference, don’t show even if I try it in terminal.

In the first case that I tried it using GUI app, I though that could to be the xapp and camberra modules, but doing research I meet with that it was only warning but not should affect the program.

Note: I use the flatpak app because the original app don’t open me.

In the another case, use the CLI and not show anything.

Any idea about how fix it?

Note: I’m using a Arch Linux based distro, Archcraft.

I use Extensions app in Arch Linux without any problem. I didn’t try it on flatpak since the one that is packed with the shell works fine.

If you may share the terminal output when you try to run it from the package it will easy to find out what is going on.

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