Problem compiling GDK

Trying to compile relm4 on ubuntu with rustc 1.59.0 (9d1b2106e 2022-02-23)

I get this:

Compiling gdk4 v0.4.6
error[E0560]: struct `auto::rgba::RGBA` has no field named `phantom`
   --> /home/octav/.cargo/registry/src/
142 |         phantom: PhantomData,
    |         ^^^^^^^ `auto::rgba::RGBA` does not have this field
    = note: available fields are: `inner`

Can anyone give me a hint ?
Thank you .

Is this with glib 0.15.7? That version was broken and 0.15.8 should fix it.

Oh we need a new release of gtk4-rs/gtk3-rs as well because the PhantomData was dropped from glib for BoxedInline types.

Never mind what I said here, please run cargo update and see if you still have the same issue?

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