Printing on 15 x 10 paper

I have set avery setting I can find in the menues of both gimp and the printer softwear to 15 x 10 cms. to print a photo on 15 xx 10xcm paper but gimp insists on trying to print in the centre of an A4 sheet Why?

Please always tell us your OS and exact GIMP version you are using. If you are using our stable version 2.10.32 then it might be related to this issue. You could try our development version, which can be installed next to the stable version. Note that this should only be used for testing.

GIMP’s development version can be found here. If you do try this, please report back if that helps.


I’m using Gimp 2.10.32 on windows11.

I have just tried to find my post but cannot get anywhere on the website



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