Possibly hide window controls in overview?

Consider this screenshot:

When in overview, when you hover on any window, a X button (close button) is shown to close that window. But it is leading to a redundancy for the X button of window itself. See there is another X button (in the headerbar of window) visible under the X button provided by shell in overview for the hovered window. It kind of looks bad in the point of view of design.
What I suggest is that window controls in headerbar should be hidden when the user enters the overview. The window controls of headerbar are anyhow not clickable in overview (as they are part of the window itself and window is not clickable in overview mode (clicking only returns to window mode from overview mode))

The main complication there is:

  • gnome-shell doesn’t know anything about the contents of windows
  • apps don’t know anything about the overview

It’s not impossible to create plumbing between apps/toolkits/portal/compositor to address this, but the question is whether it’s worth the effort.

Another concern is that having all windows perform a partial relayout at the exact moment the compositor is running a complex animation will likely have some performance impact.

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