Poor quality pdf export

I’m using an installation on Windows 10. I imported a pdf, selected an area and filled it with the surrounding background color, and exported it as a pdf. The exported file has a great loss of quality. Text appears less bold in some places and more bold in others. Guidance will be appreciated.

You didn’t mention which app you are using, so nobody can help you.

Are you using GIMP?

Sorry. I didn’t realize you had more than one product. Yes, I’m using GIMP.

OK, we need to add the GIMP tag to this topic so that GIMP users and developers will notice it. But I don’t have a high enough trust level to do this to somebody else’s topic. Try editing the topic using the edit button to the right of the topic name. You should be able to add the tag, then people who have followed the tag will see this topic, and hopefully somebody will answer your question.

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No need: I’ve updated the tag and the category.


For future reference: you want to check the category and the tags when creating a topic.

Can you show us example images, and tell us what settings you were using when importing the PDF?

When you import a PDF in Gimp, Gimp by default uses a rather low resolution (100DPI). Make sure that you bump the resolution to something sensible for the intended output medium (300DPI for print):

For some more things to watch out see this: Image size in Gimp

The forum will not let me upload images because I’m a new user. Can I upload images to Dropbox and add the link here?

The resolution was increased to 200, and it did help. It’s not quite there yet. Shall I increase to 300 or 400?

As mentioned it depends on what kind of image it is and what you do with it. If it contains text and fine graphics and you intend to print it, using 300DPI make sense…

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