Planned module removal from the GNOME 42 SDK: Cogl and Clutter

Hi all;

the release team is planning to remove the following modules from the SDK in GNOME 42:

Additionally, the projects will be archived, and moved to the Archive namespace on GitLab. All of these projects have been in deep maintenance mode for the last five years.

If you depend on any of these modules, please add them to your Flatpak manifest at your earliest convenience.

If you wish to replace the use of Clutter in your application, you should begin by porting to GTK4 and libadwaita; additional functionality, like an animation API, will be introduced in GNOME 42.


Quick update: the change is scheduled for GNOME 42 (March 2022), not GNOME 41 (September 2021). I have updated the topic accordingly.

For those interested in helping the porting process for applications, please follow this tracking issue on GitLab.

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