Photos: persistent No Photos Found problem

(Sorry not tagged, but there does not seem to be a tag specifically for the Photos app, but it was suggested in the issue tracker for Photos that I post here.)

I cannot induce Photos (ver 40.0, on OpenSUSE Tumbleweed, installed either via OpenSUSE’s “zypper” package manager or via Flatpak) to find any photos; it always opens up with the message above, and the link to the Pictures Folder, if I copy the link and paste it in a text file, is file://(null).

I didn’t expect it would work immediately because I am trying to run Photos under Xfce, as although I’m not interested in the Gnome desktop, Photos looked like a good tool worth trying. So I thought there would be some bumps in getting it set up. But now I have tried many things, and still it won’t find any photos, so I thought I would ask here for any advice on how I might proceed further.

So far, I have:

  • installed Tracker3 (via zypper) and enabled its services; they run on every login, and in fact tracker3 search -i produces a long list of images.
  • installed gnome-control-center (via zypper) and in Search, turned on (and off and on again, for good measure) Photos sharing, and searching in Home, and added Downloads and another directory with images in it under Locations for good measure.
  • Made sure “Start Gnome services on Login” is selected in the Xfce “Startup and Session” control panel.
  • Made sure XDG_PICTURES_DIR is always set in my environment (and names a directory that has lots of photos – in its subdirectories, although none immediately in that directory).
  • Made sure in addition that I had a ~/Pictures directory with one image immediately in it, even though that’s not really where I want to store my images.

Any help or thoughts as to what I may have overlooked that Photos needs to find images would be greatly appreciated.

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