Perform UI "click" actions on mouseup instead of mousedown (i.e. on mouse release)

I mean context menu opening/closing, combobox/lists opening, info panels opening in dock bar and more.
This is a choice Windows made, and looks IMHO much more clean, polished. My impression with current GNOME action event is that it is very immature, it feels very weird to click and see stuff showing up immediately as soon as I click the mouse instead of waiting for mouse release.

Ex-Windows users will reeeeeeally appreciate, even if they maybe can’t really tell what is off with the current mousedown UX.

This can of course be a config option, defaulted to whatever the GNOME team is more accustomed to/likes more.

This can of course be a config option

It’s really not: it’s just a different choice.

For instance, opening a menu on press allows you to open a menu, navigate to a submenu, and selecting an entry, all without releasing the pointer button until you’re on the item you wish to select.

In any case, it is much too late to change such a fundamental user interaction mechanism.

This definitely isn’t going to happen.

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