PackageKit configuration queries

I am on Fedora 32 Gnome. And I am using the Gnome Software which uses PackageKit for system upgradation.

I have a couple of configuration related queries:

  1. Is there a way to configure PackageKit to keep only the last 3 versions of a particular package?
    For example, I now have 4 kernels whereas I only want 3. DNF has a setting where you can set the number of versions you want to keep (like the last 3 versions).

  2. Is there a way for PackageKit to use a particular Fedora Mirror rather than selecting the fastest one.?
    Most of the time this selection is not done properly and the downloads becomes really slow.

  3. If I configure PackageKit now then will it remove the extra kernels I don’t want on the next update ?
    Or do I have to manually remove them ?

  4. How can I find all the default settings of PackageKit ?

I am not very familiar with PackageKit. So let me know how I can configure these options.

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