"Over scroll" on three finger workspace switch gesture

I sometimes find myself not knowing if I’m on the most left workspace. The easiest way to know is doing a three finger swipe to the right on the touchpad, but there is no feedback on whether it got correctly picked up or not. I end up going for the Super key.

Firefox has an option called apz.overscroll.enabled that when set to true in about:config allows for this behaviour:

What do you think about adding this to Gnome Shell? That would mean that while being on the first workspace or the last one (whether you have a fixed amount of workspaces or not), one could try to swipe to the previous or next one respectively and get an over scroll effect, which would give feedback that there are no more workspaces in that direction. It feels a bit “rigid” at the moment.

Android and iOS have both been doing this for years now, FYI.

Hi Ícar, see https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-shell/-/issues/3814 for discussion of this feature and possible issues with it.

I did not know it was called “Rubber band effect”, thanks for the link. I’ll subscribe to that issue.

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