OSK (On Screen Keyboard) Issues as a disabled person

Dear Sir or Madam,

as a disabled person, I got to admit that I am really struggling with your current On Screen Keyboard which will force me to look for an alternative software if it won’t be adressed in the near future.

A few of the problems I have to face:

  • the layout of the OSK kind of resembles a smartphone keyboard and not a compact keyboard or full size keyboard
  • I can’t change the layout
  • direction keys for the cursor are missing
  • no backspace key, only a delete button
  • special keys are missing (e.g ctrl/fn/alt)

I have been a glad and pleased user of Your software but since programms like “onBoard” are no longer supported with new updates I can’t help myselfe to look for alternative programms which I would rather evade.

Considering the things above I would be genuinely pleased and thankful if You could help me with my issue.

Best regards


I’ve had this same need now that I’ve been playing with Gnome on a touchscreen. Check out https://github.com/nick-shmyrev/improved-osk-gnome-ext

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FTR the extension pointed out above is available at extensions.gnome.org: Improved OSK - GNOME Shell Extensions

The primary goal of the OSK is enhancing input of human language, It is not designed to be an exact representation of a full blown keyboard, and specifically tries to avoid its cultural baggage (e.g. keycombos).

There is a “terminal” input hint that relevant applications use today and would be nice to support eventually, but it has been stalled on lack of design mockups.


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