Option to "visualize" xWayland apps

Is this doable as an extension or an option into gnome settings to have all xwayland apps a special red warning border decoration to visually see all the old apps still using x11?

i know i can check with tools like: xlsclients if there is anything running via xwayland. But having a daily reminder of a “alert” framed app, might remind me into migrating to a wayland native app.

If someone could tell me, adding a pixel border around the decoration is possible via extention, that would be a good reason to have a look into gnome extention development.

Hello, I have not seen an extension for that, but one could be created simply by checking if a new window is MetaWindowActorX11 or MetaWindowActorWayland. The border drawing effect could also be borrowed from the shell looking glass code in js/ui/lookingGlass.js.

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The tricky bit is that window actors contain elements like invisible borders and shadows. That is, they are larger than what we think of as “the window”:

Screenshot of window corner with red border around it at a significant offset

The offset can vary between apps, for example GTK3, GTK4 and libadwaita all have different window shadows.

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