Option to set text filters on launch?

I sometimes use the “all whitespace” text filter which is very useful in some situations. But somethimes I forget to turn that filter off when I’m done. Then it persists until the next time I use Meld. This leads to problems when using Meld for merging with Git, because it makes it ignore some merge conflicts.

Is there some way, such as a command-line option, to make Meld always launch without the “all whitespace” filter?

The way filters are saved (specifically text filters, not yet done for file filters) has been changed in the current unstable release to act more-or-less like you describe.

In 3.21.x, the Preferences → Text Filters configuration controls what filters are enabled by default when opening a new comparison. There is an additional button in the header bar that lets you turn filters on or off for a specific comparison, and these changes will not be saved as config.

However, there is currently no way to set filters from the command line. We have an open issue for this request, but it needs both design and a bunch of work to make it happen.

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