Opening an archive as a folder in Nautilus

I’d like to open an archive (zip, 7z, rar, etc.) as a subfolder in Nautilus. That is, when I double-click an archive, I’d like it to open in the same Nautilus window instead of starting Archive Manager.

I saw various responses to this question, but most are over five years old. There was also an 2016 OMG! UBUNTU! article that says that decompression would be incorporates from Archive Manager into Nautilus and “navigation through the compressed file like a normal folder would be possible”. I am wondering what the situation in 2020 is.

I have Ubuntu 19.10 and GNOME 3.34.2.

Hello, @emakarov!

That’s a good question.

The most common case is that people want to extract the files, so we try to extract the archive automatically when you double click on it, such that there is no need to open the archive itself.

Unfortunately, we don’t have support for automatic extraction of some archive formats (RAR being a major example). For these exceptions, opening with Archive Manager is still the only option.

If you are asking about browsing the archive as if it was a folder (like the Microsoft Windows File Explorer does), instead of doing automatic extraction, we don’t have plans for this feature at the moment.

You can still use the “Open With Other Application…” feature and pick the Archive Manager if you just want to look inside the archive without extracting it. This works for any archive format.

Did I answer the whole question? Is it working as described in your system? Do you have any impression of feedback to share?

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