[Online Accounts] Assymetry in propagating vs receiving changes from/to a remote server

Hi all,

It has always been my experience across multiple distros (but always using GNOME as a DE) that using its Online Accounts feature (which is wonderful) is somewhat unbalanced. I will explain.

Online Accounts provides a very, very nice way to interact with my accounts (mail, calendar, todo’s) without leaving my desktop. I ignore how this is done exactly, but the experience is generally great.

But there is one problem: if I make changes in an account from my desktop (i.e: create a new todo list from gnome-todo), I immediately see it reflected on my CalDav linked apps on my phone and tablet, but I don’t see it in the app where I created it, even after restarting the app!

I’m using 5.7.12-arch1-1 as a kernel, if that helps

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