Number of connections to IMAP server

HI Michael,

Is there a setting in Geary (as there is in Thunderbird and SeaMonkey) that limits the number of cached connections to an IMAP server?

Thank you.

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Hey epp,

There isn’t a configurable limit no. Geary should use 2 or 3 simultaneous connections at most however, and if you see it using more than that it’s likely a bug. Realistically speaking 2 simultaneous connections is the bare minimum, and that fact that it sometimes opens a third is actually unintended.

Are you seeing it use more than that? Did you want it using more or less?

Hi Mike,

A while back, one of my other e-mail accounts became locked, because an Android mail app I was using at the time (but no longer using), was establishing one connection to each folder on the IMAP server, causing the server to eventually lock my account based on an excessive number of connections. After I determined what caused it, I was successful getting the account unlocked and haven’t had any issues since.

If I need to open a mail app on the desktop, whether it’s Thunderbird (which has a setting to establish the number of cached connections to the server) or Geary - while my phone is also powered on, I am trying to avoid this problem (excessive number of connections) between the desktop and phone combined.


That’s unfortunate. IMAP historically as required a connection for each folder that you want to get push notifications of new email for, so maybe the app was trying to enable push notifications for each folder.

Geary gets away with using two connections tops since it only supports push notifications for the Inbox, which uses one connection, and keeps a second connection hanging around as a worker in case anything else needs to be done, such as periodically checking other folders for new mail. Once we support the IMAP NOTIFY extension, we’ll be able to get push notifications for all folders with the same small number of connections.

Okay, so Geary shouldn’t cause you any problems then. If you’re seeing it use any more than 2 or 3 at once, regularly, please do file a bug.

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