None as an input source in Sound Settings

When I am selecting my input and output device in Settings > Sound, especially for Input it would be great to have a “None” option, even though I have a microphone plugged in. For example I have my bluetooth headset connected and by default the headset’s microphone is selected as an input device - no “None” available so I cannot turn it off. The issue is not the automatic selection, but the automatic downgrade of the headset sound because of the two way communication - a lesser quality playback codec is selected. If I plug in a random cable in the microphone jack, I can select that output which frees the bluetooth channels to use the better playback codec.

Basically I would like to be able to use the better sound quality mode with my bluetooth headset without having to plug in a fake microphone. Having a None option as an Input source in Settings > Sound would allow me to do that.

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