Newcomers workshop at FOSDEM - Mentors needed!

Hi all,

Every year we have an excellent opportunity at FOSDEM with all the FOSS enthusiasts coming to show them what GNOME has to offer, and provide them guidance on how to contribute and join our project. We walk them through and offer them assistance with gtk, JS, Flatpak, or any other knowledge that we can assist them with.

However, we need people to organize it and mentor the students! Are you interested? Let me know over here or any contact in and let’s discuss how to organize it or what help can you provide.

Mentors that know any of the projects (Calendar, Nautilus, Music, etc.) or libraries/technologies (gtk, glib, Builder, Flatpak, gtk documentation, etc.) would be highly appreciated.



Hey Carlos,

I’m very interested in helping with that. I have never organized any newcomers workshop in the past, kinda new to this!

Hi Carlos,

Sure, count me in. It depends on the day and time though.

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