New tag: distributor

Hi, I missed the following import distribution announcement: GNOME 3.38 uses Tracker 3 by default but one core app still uses Tracker 2

It was also sent to distributor-list, but it’s still stuck in moderation. Could we have a distributor tag? Then I could follow that tag and perhaps we could do away with distributor-list.

Something worded slightly differently than just ‘distributor’ is also fine by me.


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Tag created.

We might still keep the distributor list, just like we’ll likely keep the gnome-announce list, because it’s probably easier for non-GNOME members to follow.

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We should look into fixing the moderator queue for distributor-list, though. Announcements there are only useful if they make it out in a timely fashion

If ok, what we could do is to have Discourse email for distributor tagged posts. Then setup distributor-list to auto accept these emails. Not sure where to discuss that though

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