New development releases for GSSDP and GUPnP


there are two new development releases for GSSDP and GUPnP out there, 1.5.0. Both come with a new API version, 1.6.

The main feature of the two is the use of libsoup3 instead of libsoup2.

On top, GUPnP 1.5.0 does away with a lot of APIs that were declared deprecated for quite some time.

The API in both is still subject to change, though this will most likely be additions. Full list of changes below:

GSSDP 1.5.0

  • Switch to libsoup3
  • Bump API and ABI
  • Deprecate Client:msearch-port property for Client:port

GUPnP 1.5.0

  • Port to libsoup3
  • API bump (1.6)
  • Improved test coverage
  • All _valist functions have been removed
  • The documentation is now provided by gi-docgen
  • All API that was marked as deprecated up until 1.4 has been removed


  • is now a GInitable


  • Uses GSSDP.Client:port
  • Fix reference leak when using ACL


  • The get_device() and get_service() virtual functions have been renamed


  • ServiceAction::return() was renamed to ServiceAction::return_success() to
    avoid issues with languages such as python


  • Non-gio style introspection functions are now deprecated


  • Returns a proper error instead of calling g_error when autoconnect fails


  • Fixes an issue with M-POST fall-back if POST calls failed
  • There is no need anymore to call ServiceProxyAction::get() to get SOAP
    transport errors; those will now be already presented by the
    ServiceProxy::call_action_finish() call.

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