Network retry after network outage

Hi, I run Geary on a laptop that loses its WiFi connection about once per day. When that happens Geary complains about an Account Problem and goes dormant. Later the WiFi fixes itself but Geary doesn’t retry on its own. This means I’m pressing the Retry buttons (one per acct) everyday. Is there a way to make it retry on its own after a while?


Hi Doug, Geary uses GLib’s GNetworkMonitor to determine changes in network connectivity and automatically respond as needed, so if you’re not seeing that happen, it may be an issue there. My understanding is that that while it doesn’t require Network Manager with connectivity checking to work, it works best when NM and connectivity checking is enabled.

IIRC you’re not using the GNOME desktop, are you using Network Manager though? What does the details of the problem report say?

Michael, yes running Network Manager:

network-manager.service enabled enabled
networkd-dispatcher.service enabled enabled

Geary v 3.36.1
Revision Ubuntu/3.36.1-1
GTK 3.24.20
Dist Ubuntu 20.04

Please see attached logs.
geary-logs-2020-10-01.pdf (127.5 KB)

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