Nemiver - no call stack

I realize Nemiver is old and not supported, but my distro still has it and other than one thing it seems to work well.

My one issue is that for the life of me I can’t figure out how to see the call stack. There is supposed to be a tab for it, but the entire tab is just missing. Was this something that got ripped out in its final release?

If anyone knows, I’d appreciate it.

EDIT: I see in release 0.7.8 reference to fixing a bug:
Restore call stack initial window (Closes: #599768)
But the bug referenced can’t be looked up because the entire historical database of bugs seems to be gone. I can’t figure out how to look up historical bugzilla bugs. Did the entire old database get wiped when it moved to gitlab?

I sorted it out myself. In the unlikely event someone else has this issue, despite the help files for it, the call stack is not its own tab any more. It was merged with Variables into the “Context” tab which is split with the call stack on the left and variables on the right. On my installation by default the call stack part was collapsed so far to the left with a vertical separation bar that it couldn’t be seen.

As an aside, it’s really too bad this project was archived and abandoned. Now that I can use it properly, it’s a fantastic quick standalone debugger. So many other debuggers are built into full-scale IDEs that want to be everything. For a standalone debugger, it’s quite nice.

The reason why Nemiver has been archived is that it is completely unmaintained. If you wish to maintain it, then you can easily fork it.